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A very warm welcome to Ophthalmic Marketing And Services Pvt. Ltd (OMS). We have been in the Ophthalmic manufacturing industry since the late 1980’s. The close interactions and guidance received from you the amazing Ophthalmologists, have not only been inspirational but have also helped us steadily grow to become a fully CE and ISO certified company, comprising of a team of 100 strong members and dealer presence in most of the states of our beautiful country.

History of OMS:

We started out with a five member team that performed the key manufacturing steps of Ophthalmic knives for a US based company. Back in those days, there were no indigenous manufacturers of Ophthalmic knives in India. This left the doctors with no choice but to buy expensive imported knives. Even the hub for design and development of new ophthalmic surgical knives was overseas. Not having the quick communication channels of today meant a massive delay in India getting access to latest ophthalmic surgical knives and surgery techniques.

Our founding fathers late Mr. L. N. Lalwani and the present chairman Mr. G. H. Patel took it upon themselves to bridge this gap. We became the first manufacturers of Ophthalmic microsurgical knives in India. A separate partnership was formed by the name of Sharpedge Industries to cater exclusively for the Indian market. Our vision was very clear, manufacture the latest high quality ophthalmic knives for doctors in India at value for money price. We conscientiously chose not to exploit our monopolistic position. Till this day, our highly sought after Sharpedge brand knives are considered one of the best value for money knives in the market. We also possess one of the largest ranges of Ophthalmic knives in the world.

In the early2000’s, we set our long term vision to become a one stop shop for cataract surgeons. We formed a new company with the name of Ophthalmic Marketing and Services (OMS). OMS started off by becoming the sole distributor of Sharpedge knives. Keeping the convenience of our customers in mind and the soon to be extended product range, Sharpedge was amalgamated in to OMS. Over the years we have progressively added cannulas, instruments, accessories and IOLs to our product range. The latest addition to our product range our IOLs, are produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Since their launch in 2014 they have been implanted incident free in lakhs of patients and continue to perform exceedingly well for them.

Motivation for OMS:

We have been privileged to have a long and close association with many wonderful charity organisations and hospitals performing charity cataract operations. Witnessing their amazing work first hand continues to be a constant source of motivation for us. We are passionate and proud to be contributing to the noble cause of addressing the problem of cataract (the main cause of blindness) for the underprivileged.

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We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to
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